I am Dr. Jae Hyun Lim. 


Our clinic is merely focused on our alopecia patients. 

We seek the highest-quality medical services with

the best equipment and the latest technology. 

I, myself suffer from Hereditary Androgenic Alopecia.  

That is why I developed this treatment, not only

for my patients, but for myself from the personal

frustration I was having with the lack of results

I saw through various treatments of alopecia.

I wanted to develop a treatment not just for my patients,

but most importantly with my patients as

I wanted to see results that were honest and sustainable. 



Specialist / Medical Doctor Jae Hyun Lim


Introduction of Medical Staff




Specialist / Medical Doctor Jae Hyun Lim


As a highly trained surgeon, Dr. Lim’s surgical expertise is respected and admired. He understands that optimal results are beyond the treatment and works with each patient to create a customized and unique procedure that best accompanies each patient. As each case is deeply personal, understanding the patient’s nature of treatment is a very fundamental part of building relationships with his patients, and is immanent in every aspect of his practice. 


Academic Background

Dr. Lim has completed his Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. at the prestigious Han Yang Medical School in Seoul, South Korea. After completing his medical school, he was accepted into the highly competitive residency program at the Medical school in Korea. Upon his exceptional performance as a clinician, surgeon, teacher and leader, Dr. Lim adheres to a strict set of hair restoration standards with an array of cutting edge techniques. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at the Han Yang Medical School, and the Medical School at Konkuk University. Dr. Lim is the chief doctor of clear clinic, as well as the Co- Founder & Chief Science Officer of HCell Inc.








Specialist / Medical Doctor

Lee Yu Seong


Academic Background

Dr. Lee’s expertise in plastic surgery makes him uniquely different from other surgeons. He has obtained his Bachelor’s, Masters at the prestigious Han Yang Medical School in Seoul, South Korea. Through countless years of practice, he has been a former department head of Plastic Surgery at KangDong St. Mary’s Hospital, and former director of Wonjin & Spring Plastic Surgery. He is an adjunct professor at the HanYang University. He is an active member of: Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Korean Society of Craniofacial Plastic Surgery and Korean Society for Microsurgery.